DateACougar Reviews: Real Rating About Personal Experiences

DateACougar Reviews

Just a quick note on our methodology here. We used the same metric to rate and review every one of these sites. We sent out the same amount of emails to women on the site. We recorded how many replies we got. We recorded how many dates we set up. We recorded how many dates we went on. And then we recorded how many times we got laid.

Obviously, the better the site, the more times we got laid.

Cougar dating site scams

During this process, we tested over 80 sites and discovered only 3 sites that we would consider worth the monetary investment. That puts the ratio of scam sites at around 92%. That is a staggering number. Here’s how that happens.

Cougar and cub dating sites are niche fetish where younger men and older women can meet and hook up. While there are hundreds of thousands of cougars and cubs all over the world, the market for a dating service is smaller when compared to other dating sites, including free ones like OkCupid and PlentyOfFish, which can still be used for the purpose of cougar and cub dating. All dating sites make revenue in one of two ways. The first is advertising, the second is paid membership. Advertising makes up a small fraction of their total revenue, so a successful site relies on paid membership in order to turn a profit. The problem is, if there aren’t a lot of women on the site, then they don’t have a product. What to do they do then? They fake a product.

They use a process known as white labeling to trick potential members into signing up for a service that allows them to interact with women on the site, but these women turn out mostly to cam performers who are trying to get you to pay to watch them strip. So these sites will have tons of profiles, but you won’t be getting any dates from them.

Needless to say, this is a deceptive marketing practice. You don’t need a paid membership to jerk off with a cam girl. All you need is a credit card and you can access cam girl sites directly. So sites which claim to offer a dating service but use cam girls to recruit members are basically double dipping into your wallet.

In our opinion, that’s all DateACougar was.

Is DateACougar Working?

Reviews of DateACougar

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Not for us it didn’t. We sent out 250 messages and receive 89 replies back. Most of the girls did not seem interested in setting up dates with us but we did manage to set up 16 dates with women who seemed interested in meeting up with us. To our dismay, however, not one of them showed which really pissed us off.

Is DateACougar any good

No. In our opinion the site did not deliver at all on the promise of getting us dates with mature women. We can’t be certain, for instance, that any of the women we set up dates with ever had the intention of meeting us. I hated the fact that we were set up to meet them out and then we sat around waiting while they never showed. We can only guess that this site employees deceptive marketing practices in order to inflate its absent user base.

Is DateACougar Legit

In terms of whether the site is an overt scam or not, or only has users which use the site to sell their services, it’s hard to make a certain judgment call on that. The only facts we know is that we set up dates with women on the site and they never showed up. The replies we got were from a lot of women who were not really interested in meeting us in person. That’s fine because we can screen them out, but when a bunch of women say they’re going to meet you out some place and then they never show, it’s really annoying to say the least.

Is DateACougar real? We don’t believe it is. We’ve rated it a really bad service which is not worth the time or money you invest into it.