Tactics & Strategies on How To Date a Cougar

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Find out on which cougar sites to meet older women

How to Date a Cougar

So if you’re here, you’re likely interested in either dating tips on how to get it on with cougars, or cougar dating site reviews. We’ve put together this website in order to help young cubs such as yourself navigate the thrilling though deceptive world of internet cougar dating.

The major problem you will face is that you’re part of a demographic that is all too often targeted by scammers and identity thieves who see you as easy money. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t legitimate sites out there. You just have to know what you’re looking for.

Cougar Dating Sites

In the world of internet dating, and especially niche dating, like cougar sites, what happens is something like this: one legitimate cougar dating site pops up on the internet, and then someone hacks in and steals all of the image files and the site’s code. Then they set up a similar site with fake names and real pictures, and they attempt to manipulate you into paying for membership. If you do then more likely than not, they will bill you for membership to the site, which is basically nothing, and then surcharge you for access to porn, camgirls, or something like that. In other instances, your credit card information will be sold on the deep web, or you will be the victim of identity theft, which is now one of the most lucrative businesses for organized crime. We created this site to help you navigate the world of dating sites and created a place for cougar dating reviews so that you don’t have to count yourself among the victims of internet scammers and their ilk.

Cougar Dating Strategies

The other reason you may have found this site is that you’re looking for more information on cougar and cub relationships and cougar dating in general. This includes tips on how to seduce cougars, how to grab their attention, what cougars are looking for in a cub, and how to increase your odds on cougar dating sites to hook up with as many cougars as possible.

I and the other folks who run this site really like cougars. Basically, we think they’re every bit as hot as their younger counterparts, and we’re mostly younger dudes too. The fact is that older men have been chasing girls our age now since the dawn of human sexual relations. But it’s much rarer for older women to seek out younger men. At least until the advent of the internet. Nowadays women have much better access to men of all kinds. Fetishes are popping up all over the internet; fetishes that could only have happened because of the internet. So it isn’t so strange that cougar dating sites would be among those things which would have better representation because of the internet.

In any event, our crew here really enjoys dating older women, and we’ve become as close to experts on the topic as anyone can ever be. We’ve collectively gone on thousands of dates and hooked up with thousands of beautiful mature women. We’ve tried out all the sites and determined which ones were for real and which ones were frauds. So if you’re interested in learning about cougar and cub relationships and or navigating the world of online sex dating, you’ve come to the perfect place. We will you in on which sites are the best cougar dating sites and which ones are likely frauds.