The Best Cougar Dating Sites Review

Best Cougar Dating Sites Reviews

The world of internet dating is a major target for scammers and identity thieves who are looking for low hanging fruit for easy money. They know there’s a lot of horny dudes out making decisions with one head and not the other out there who are looking to get laid and they use this basic human desire against them in order trick them into paying for a crappy service that is not at all what they thought they were getting.

We found that there were about 50 or so sites operating ostensibly as cougar and cub dating sites but only three of those sites, sadly, were legit dating sites for dating cougars. Our methodology for testing these sites was to send out several e-mails to various women on the sites and then to see how many responses we got back. The bar for determining whether or not the site was legit or not was not responses but rather how many dates we were actually able to go on with women who actually showed up. Of course, we only sent e-mails to girls we thought we’re hot. We don’t run a charity service for busted girls.

Cougar and Cub Dating Sites which are Legit

In the process of determining whether or not a cougar dating site was legit we sent out icebreaker messages to all the cougars on the site that we would legitimately want to hook up with. We then took a look at the responses and tried to set up dates with ladies. If the ladies were interested in meeting and actually showed up for the date, we considered that to be a successful interaction, because it’s not the site’s fault if you can’t seal the deal. The site worked as expected and delivered the service it intended. Of course, we considered it the apex of excellence if we actually got laid from the site.

Cougar Dating Websites Evaluation Rating Sent Emails Received Replies Dates Set Up Dates Actually Had Closed The Deal Analyzes Visit
#1 250 121 63 62 60 Read user reviews Test the Website
#2 250 138 78 68 59 Read user reviews Test the Website
#3 250 90 49 40 32 Read user reviews Test the Website

Comparison of the best cougar dating sites, 2021

In constructing our list, the sites that resulted in the most lays are at the top, while the ones that sucked are obviously at the bottom. Responses were not considered relevant in any way. Why? Because some sites employ automated responses in order to trick you into thinking you are actually talking to a real women. Some of them can be really convincing, but most of the time it’s fairly obvious. Sometimes they actually have employees who are affiliated with the site respond to your messages pretending to be actual site members. On legit mature dating sites you can expect to see a decent response rate, and women responding actually respond to information in your profile and with personal information about themselves. On sites which employ catfishing you will never set up a date. The site will generally give you a couple of free messages to send and then force you to pay for membership in order to continue chatting. Once you pay for membership, you then realize that the site is actually a porn hub or a cam girl site. The girl you were talking to asks if you want to see her on camera, and directs you to her pay to watch her strip site and have your credit card handy. Or she disappears entirely.

This process is known as white labeling. You label the service a dating service but are actually providing the user with porn or cam girls. White labeling is a sort of bait and switch tactic employing underhanded and deceptive marketing tactics in order to lure people with the promise of one service to purchase another.

Here are the facts. Mature dating sites do exist for younger guys to hook up with older women. Many older ladies do in fact use cougar dating sites and there are a lot of younger dudes out there who are interested in dating older women. These women didn’t just used to be beautiful, they still are, but for whatever reason, are being passed up by older men for younger women. Maybe they’re coming out of messy divorces or their husbands cheated on them with a younger guy. But their sex drives are completely insane, and they want to recapture that feeling of being the center of attention they once were in highschool and college. They’re looking for all kinds of dudes too, not just ripped pool boys with chiseled bodies and the like. They’ve had 20 or more years to work on their fantasies and now they want to see them realized. They want to be in control of their sexuality again and feel desired. They want to drive you absolutely out of your mind with their lips and legs and eyes. They don’t care if you’ve even ever been with a woman before. They like the idea of training you and telling you specifically what turns them on. If they’ve been in long mundane marriages where their husbands fucked them the same way for the last 20 years, then they’re looking to try out new things. As long as you’re turned on by them you don’t really have to worry too much about what you’re doing and if it’s right. It’s a the perfect experience for younger inexperienced guys who are looking to get some experience in sex. They don’t expect you to marry them. They’re not looking for chocolates and roses. They want kinky, stress free, no strings attached sex, that makes them feel desired and beautiful. So that’s what this site is all about: pairing potential cubs with their cougars and making sure you are the victim of a scam which negatively affects the whole cougar dating scene, giving the industry a bad name.

Cougar and Cub Dating Sites we consider Scams

If we got barely any responses or the women on the site didn’t want to set up dates with us, we considered it a scam site. If they asked us for money for any secondary service like they were escorts or cam girls, we considered the site a scam. If there were any surcharges for access to porn. We considered the site a scam. And if we used the site to get laid but there were no real cougars on the site and no one responded to our messages, we considered the cougar site a scam.

Dating Websites Evaluation Sent Emails Received Replies Dates Set Up Dates Actually Had Closed The Deal Analyzes
250 130 86 9 4 Read user reviews
250 79 48 9 3 Read user reviews
250 109 7 0 0 Read user reviews
250 87 33 0 0 Read user reviews
250 89 16 0 0 Read user reviews
250 148 4 0 0 Read user reviews

Comparison of the worst cougar dating sites, 2021