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Need to Know for Dating an Older Woman There are a lot of guys who want to know how to have sex with older women. It is a common male fantasy, and there are a ton of casual encounters sites that are geared towards facilitating that kind of sexual encounter. However for most guys who […] Read more

Date Right Online dating can be confusing and challenging. It seems like there are so many unwritten rules that always pop up when trying to find free casual encounters. It is a constant negotiation between what to say and how to say it, or what to do and how to act. Questions like “How many […] Read more

Getting Over An Ex Getting Over An Ex Getting over an ex can take a long time, especially if you were dating for over one year. You might find yourself not wanting to meet anyone for the first couple months, and that’s okay. Getting over an ex isn’t something that happens overnight, and most of […] Read more