How To Make Online Casual Friends

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How to Make Casual Friends Online

Coming up with a solid icebreaker

Casual sex dating isn’t like meeting women on a normal vanilla dating site. Some of the same rules do apply, however. One thing you’re going to want to avoid however is talking about your hopes and dreams or your politics or something. The girls on these sites aren’t necessarily going to be interested in making your baby. They’re looking for a casual friends with benefits, not the man of their dreams. So keeping things light and not being to serious about everything is the way to go in an icebreaker message on casual dating sites.

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A good icebreaker is something that funny, clever, and grabs the girl’s attention. Pick up lines work when they make the girl laugh without being overly juvenile. The best pick up lines are the ones that make goofy puns on the girl’s name. Why does this work so well? Nobody really knows. Leading theories, however, that girls, even girls on casual sex sites, like messages that are tailored specifically to them. Girls do not respond well to generic messages or pick up lines because they feel like you could have sent that same message to a dozen other girls at the same time. In other words, it’s low quality bait. Personalized messages show that you put some effort into wooing that particular girl, and girls like that, even the ones on local casual dating sites.

Thinking of a clever, witty, icebreaker that makes your potential date laugh will make all the difference in the world when she’s making a decision on whether or not she’s going to go out with you. Why? She’s looking for a good time and clever, funny guy is someone who knows how to keep things light and have fun. So put some effort into your icebreaker, tailor it to her specifically, and make sure when she’s choosing who she’s going to go out with, she chooses you.

Come up with a solid plan for the date

Once you got her interested, it’s going to be your job to see to it that she has a good time. Dinner and drinks is always a solid choice because it lets the two of you interact and feel out your chemistry. Even if a girl has multiple sex partners and has had sex with hundreds of different guys, you should not take for granted that you’re going to get laid on the first date. Why? Because girls need to feel into it and safe in order to enjoy the sex they’re going to have. So even on sex dating sites you don’t want to have any expectations about how the date is going to end. And one thing to keep in mind is that it has nothing to do with you personally. If a girl gives you an in, by all means you should take it. Playing coy on a sex dating site is not the way to go. But if she seems like she wants to feel you out on the first date or she’s not into it, you should not take it as it a rejection. Even if she outright rejects you, you should not take it personally. Things don’t work out for all kinds of reasons, and yeah, you may have fucked up, but who cares? So what. It didn’t work. Most of these times, the girls are going to be working through their own personal stuff too, so maybe they’re feeling like shit about themselves that day, and you’ll have no way of knowing why that particular date didn’t work out. Sex dating is a numbers game. Hang in there and good things will happen. Do not become irate or act like an asshole. Girls talk to each other. You’ll be shit listed in no time.

Best place to bring a date

Dinner and drinks is always a plan because you guys get to know each other, and that’s what dating is all about. Movies are a bad idea for the same reason. At least, you’re better off waiting until after the first few dates because it doesn’t really allow you two the opportunity to feel out one another and get a sense of what chemistry you have.

Another solid option is bowling because it gets your juices flowing and gives you two something to be silly about. Most bowling alleys have bars too, so when you’re done with the bowling you can sit down and have a couple of drinks, maybe shoot some pool or play some darts.