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MatureDateLink Reviews: Is MatureDateLink working for us? is actually a really solid dating site for seeking out mature women. While not specifically geared toward cougar and cub dating necessarily, it does have a whole lot of cougars on it and more than a few of them were interested in hooking up with us. is geared toward older women and men who are looking to meet and hook up with each other. Most of the women on the site are older than the type you’ll find on cougar and cub dating sites, but if you’re into older women, then you’ll find a bunch of them here.

Results on MatureDateLink

Since the site is not itself geared toward cougar and cub dating, we didn’t get as much of a response as we would have liked, but on the other hand, we did get some response, and the women we found on the site were definitely still doable.

If you choose to go this route, you should be forewarned that not all of the women there are looking for younger dudes to bone. It’s basically a place for horny older people to meet on the internet and have sex. So if you happen to find your grandma on the site, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

It was tough because the age range for this site was much older than most cougar and cub dating sites so we didn’t actually find a lot of women we wanted to bed. In order to satisfy the metric we created for testing this site, we still sent out 250 messages to the various users. In response, we got 90 replies, which is somewhat lower than what we had gotten in the past. There were some cam girls and otherwise deceptive profiles, but we still managed to set up 49 dates, and 40 of the women actually showed.

Reviews of MatureDateLink

MatureDateLink rated #3 from our top 3 of best cougar dating sites. Visit to get a free trial now.

Some of these women were totally into the idea of being wooed by a younger man, but it totally was not what they were expecting. This is more of a place where older ladies go to meet older dudes and have older sex. But the prospect of hooking up with a bunch of younger studs was too much for them to turn down. So between the six of us, we managed to hook up with 32 ladies from the site and it turned out to be totally worth it to purchase membership.

Is MatureDateLink real? Yes. Is MatureDateLink any good? Yes, it’s actually one of the most respected sex dating sites anywhere on the internet. Is MatureDateLink legit for hooking up with cougars? Well, that’s where it gets a little tricky. We made it work, but how much success you will have is hard to say. Like we said, many of the women we talked to were totally into the idea of banging a 20 year old, but like we said, the women are definitely older than the ones you’re likely to find on a cougar and cub dating site. Instead of women in the 30-50 range, you’re going to be seeing profiles of women that are deep into their 40s and beyond. So, the user pool might be a little too old, even for someone who is looking for a cougar.

But also, is among the most respected sex dating sites on the internet and suffice it to say, older people are still pretty horny, the user pool is large and the male to female ratio is pretty good too. The interface is pretty slick and searching through profiles is fun and easy. Chatting up the older ladies too was a blast, even the ones we couldn’t score dates with were pretty funny and you can tell that they were real people looking for dates.

In terms of cougar and cub dating, it may not be the ideal site, so you might be better off sticking to a site that specifically specializes in cougar / cub dating, but if you can’t make it work there, you can always check out and see where that takes you. It wasn’t exactly what we expected, but it was totally worth it.