Cougared Reviews: Real Rating About Personal Experiences

Cougared Reviews

Our team of six strapping young lads ventured forth to tackle the question that everyone needed to know the answer to: which Cougar dating sites were the best for hooking up with mature ladies, and is a legit service for cougar and cub dating?

We tested each site, and that includes, for at least 3 months because we didn’t want to make any snap judgments on whether the site was legit or not. Our process was to send out as many emails as humanly possible to the various women on the site, at least the ones we considered hot, chat them into setting up dates with us, and then see how many dates we actually went on. We considered actually meeting up with the women on the site the bare minimum bar for legitimacy and then awarded special bonus points to sites where we actually got laid.

Cougar dating site scams

In order to determine if a site is a legit or not, we applied the same metric to every site we tested. We sent out around or over 200 emails and then took a look at how many replies we got. While replies are encouraging, they don’t necessarily indicate the legitimacy of a site. Many sites employ deceptive tactics such as catfishing, where the scammer uses the image of a beautiful woman to lure you in, but on the other side is a site employee, with a beer belly and a 5 o’clock shadow. Or, they don’t even bother with that, and have automated responses and chatbots do that work for them, because some people are just that desperate for action, that they’re willing to believe anything.

Is Cougared Working for Us

Is Cougared any Good?

In our opinion, it’s not at all. We sent 250 messages to various profiles on the site and got 109 replies. We set up dates with only 7 women, and not a single one of them showed. This is an astonishingly bad result. We can’t even be certain, since we never met one woman from the site, that any of the profiles were real mature women looking to get laid.

Reviews of Cougared

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Is Cougared Real

It’s impossible to know what the intentions of the people who created the site were. They put together a good interface, but not being able to physically meet anyone from the site was a major problem for us. Also, to get so many replies and then set up so few dates was a red flag. That generally indicates to us that there is a scam in play. While we can’t say for certain that’s what happened, we certainly suspect that’s the case here.

Is Cougared legit? We don’t think so. Cougared scams are all over the internet. They want you to pay for the premium service so they fake replies to get you interested in some of the members and then when it comes time to meet up you get nothing.

Cougared seemed to us an extreme example of this. It was exceedingly rare to have a site where you didn’t meet up with anyone at all, and like we said, we gave Cougared a fair shot. We tested it for over 3 months. The money we spent on the site we felt was wasted, and we cannot in good conscience recommend this site to anyone.

Cougared however is not alone. There are many dating sites out there that purport to offer a legitimate dating service when what they’re really trying to do is get you to pay for porn. This is much easier to do than you’d expect. If you didn’t know any better, you would have thought that you were talking to real women. You would have been excited about the dates you were setting up and looking forward to meeting them. When they never showed you would have wondered what was happening and then tried again to contract them on the site. That happens sometimes. Sometimes the girl chickens out, or something comes up, and it’s not a big deal. But with Cougared it literally never worked out and we were all pretty pissed about that. On a scale of 1 to 10 would receive a 0.