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Is FreeCougarContacts any Good?

If you’re looking for a FreeCougarContacts review, you’ve come to the right place.

I want to talk a bit about our standards and our methodology for determining the legitimacy of a site like before I get into the actual review. It bears noting that our standards for excellence are exceedingly high and the reason for this is that some sites out there indeed provide an excellent service for younger guys looking for dates with mature women. So when looking at a site like FreeCougarContacts we rated it against several other sites which actually provided in our estimation, a much better service than the one that FreeCougarContacts claims to provide its members.

Cougar dating site scams

Now, we protected ourselves fairly well. We used prepaid cards in order to prevent the sites from running up charges other than the ones we sought out for them to provide. That means we were protected from fees they lumped on top of the dating service like access to porn sites or anything like that. In fact, our only real criteria for determining if the site was any good or not is whether we actually met up with women on the site.

Now, one thing you have to bear in mind is that a large ratio of replies to dates that we actually went on is a serious red flag for us. On a lot of these sites you’ll find that there are a great number of alluring profiles, and the “women” will even respond to your messages, but when it comes down to setting up dates, that’s when they back away. Or in some instances they set up dates, but never show. And when you go back and ask them about it they never reply.

That’s when we feel like we’re being scammed by the site.

Reviews of FreeCougarContacts

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To our credit, we stuck with for over 3 months. In those three months, we sent over 250 emails to various women on the site. We received 79 replies and we set up 48 dates, but we only had 9 dates, and only closed the deal 3 times.

Now, to be fair, the fact that we set up any dates at all tells us that the site is not an overt scam or attempting to steal your credit card information or anything like that. In fact, the majority of the sites we tested just didn’t work very well for us, and we like to think that we’re a crew of smooth dudes who know what we’re doing when it comes to sweet talking the ladies. The real thing is that we’ve had a lot of success with some of the other sites we’ve been on, so when a site doesn’t work for us, it’s probably not going to work for anyone at all.

During this process we tested over 80 sites across the web and only found 3 to be up to our exacting standards. Is FreeCougarContacts working? Not nearly as well as we had hoped it would. The profiles were all of gorgeous women so we were really excited about the prospects of meeting some bomb ass cougars on this site. But they payoff was not very high at all. Is FreeCougarContacts a scam? Not exactly. In our opinion they employ some deceptive marketing tactics which are common among internet dating sites with crappy user bases. They basically want to inflate the male to female ratio by creating fake profiles and then manning the profiles with site employees who respond to users and feign interest in them. This is really demoralizing to a lot guys who are thinking that they’re going to be hooking up with a hot lady only to find out she’s been leading him on to take his money.

In any event, we did not find to FreeCougarContacts to be among the better sites out there for cougar dating. It wasn’t an outright scam but it didn’t provide a service worth the monetary investment either. As they grow their user base it may become better with time and they won’t have to employ those deceptive tactics, but for now we rate it among the bottom sites.