Milftastic Reviews: Real Rating About Personal Experiences

Milftastic reviews: Is Milftastic Legit?

In the process of testing over 80 dating sites across three months we ran across a lot of duds. In fact over 92% of the sites we tested, we would classify as scams. That doesn’t mean however these sites were not at least attempting to provide the service they claimed they were providing, it was more that a good majority of these sites did not have a solid user base in order fill the demand for cougar and cub dating, but they were trying to get people to join using deceptive marketing tactics.

Results on Milftastic

That’s because cougars, and women in general, tend to be very monogamous when it comes to their dating services, even when this is not true of their men. We in fact found that there were only three sites that we would classify as excellent dating services, and was definitely one of them.

Is Milftastic Real?

Is Milftastic working for us? Let’s look at the stats. With every site we tested we sent out 250 emails and then determined how many replies we got in response. Of those replies we recorded how many dates we got and then waited for the ladies to show up and figured out how many dates we actually went on. For good measure we recorded how many times we got laid too, although it’s not the site’s fault if you don’t close the deal. If the site is delivering dates then it’s providing exactly the service it claims to provide and beyond that, it’s all you.

So we sent out 250 messages and received 121 replies. Of those 121 replies, we set up 63 dates and 62 of the women showed up. So right there, now you know, these women are not sock puppet accounts and the site is not catfishing you, because the ladies actually showed up for the dates.

Reviews of Milftastic

Milftastic rated #1 from our top 3 of best cougar dating sites. Visit to get a free trial now.

These were beautiful, older, mature women who were looking for some kinky fun with younger dudes. Of the 62 dates we set up we managed to have sex with them 60 times.

Is Milftastic any good? Yeah, we’d say so. While on some sites it was nearly impossible to get any of these women to show up for their dates with us, on Milftastic it was easy as pie. This largely happens because the majority of MILFs only sign up for a handful of sites. Now, if you’re googling the site, you may find that some felt like MilfTastic was a scam. There were some users on the site who were using it to recruit clients, call girls, cam girls, women like that. But the actual fact is, it’s difficult for the site to keep up with all the women who might use the site for their own purposes, and the site still makes money off of girls who pay to use the site to recruit dudes to pay for their cam show.

We found that there were a ton of legitimate cougars however and we did not have any problem getting laid. In fact, our expectations were blown away by the sheer number of MILFs who not only responded, but then actually showed up for their dates. These ladies were gorgeous older women with an amazing amount of sexual energy and they were scoring easily with dudes half their age because they kept themselves in good shape and knew exactly what to do and say.

So when we judged the site, we didn’t judge it in terms of the amount of fake users who were using the site to try to draw in cam show customers, we judged it in terms of how many real women we actually set up dates with, and had more of those than any other site we tested. As we said before, ladies of all kinds tend to be very monogamous when it comes to their dating services, even when they aren’t monogamous when it comes to their sexual partners. If you’re looking for an awesome service for cougar and cub dating, is the best one we found on the net.