The Worst Dating Fails You Can Possibly Commit

worst dating failsThe Worst Dating Fails

For all single men out there, it’s already hard enough to actually secure a first date. On top of that, we have to worry about not failing too significantly on that date. Of course, that is easier said than done for men. We are a simple race, after all, with no idea how to please the complex mind of a woman. We try our best, though, and if our intentions are good enough, we tend to succeed in our casual sex endeavors. For those who find themselves making the same dating mistakes over and over again, perhaps this list might shed some illumination on the issue.

Choosing the wrong dating attire

People tend to forget that you can very easily mess up the entire first date by making the wrong wardrobe choice. Women love clothes, and they love seeing their men in nice clothes. On top of that, they’re also relatively big on first impressions. So, what you’re wearing during your first encounter will largely go into whether or not your woman respects you enough to give you the chance of sleeping with her. Waking up an hour before your date and tossing on a pair of basketball shorts and undershirt without even showering will do a fantastic job of ensuring that you go to bed alone after the date. However, if you take a bit of time to prepare, making yourself look impressive in the most casual way, then you will significantly increase your chances of having a one night stand.

Picking a bad dating location

Dating location is extremely important when it comes to online casual affairs. Sure, it’s tempting to think that you can just bring a woman anywhere in the city since all you’re doing is getting yourselves ready for sex, but that’s certainly not the sort of perspective that we recommend here. Even though you met your date on an online hookup network, you should treat her to a wonderful night out, and show her a really good time. The right dating location will set the right mood for both of you to have a fun night full of laughter. Ask around in your social network for great, unique places to bring a woman in the city. If you show her something that surprises her, she’ll like you way more, which means she’ll like the idea of sleeping with you way more.

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Acting like a fool during a first date

The one guaranteed way of sex-blocking oneself is to act like a total fool during a first date. To most of us, it might seem easy not to totally mess up a first date by acting like a buffoon, but yet there are still legions of buffoons out there taking women on dates. We don’t have a specific theory on the matter yet, but our working hypothesis for now is that men who meet women through internet hookup platforms are so confident that the women are interested in absolutely nothing but sex, that they consider the casual one night stand to be all but a sure thing. So, they proceed throughout the duration of their first date to drink way too much, and speak their mind at will before actually getting to know the lady they’re with. First dates tend to be filled with rolling cocktails, and the more drinks the man consumes, the more likely he is to act like a fool, at least if he has taken on this sort of mindset. There is no real help for men of this kind, but there is still a chance for you. No matter how you met your first date, remember the crucial fact that you must be on your absolute best game on the first date if you are hoping to end the night in sex. Anything less, and the woman you’re seeing will take her attention elsewhere. You can be sure of that.

Too many dating fails means no one night stand

One dating fail might not spell doom for your chances of no strings sex. However, if you layer too many dating fails together, you are virtually guaranteed to have no chance of getting a one night stand. Put simply, women do not like screw-ups, and they certainly won’t consider sleeping with one on the first date. If you are proceeding throughout your dating experience with the earnest intention of getting to know your new friend and ensuring that she has a wonderful time, then we have high hopes for you. However, if you arrogantly approach the dating game like someone who should be granted all of life’s sexual experiences, then you need to step back and do some thinking. Re-reading this guide would be a great start.