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We had 6 young dudes on our team and our purpose was to test out every cougar and cub dating site on the internet. During this process, we tested over 80 sites and found that only 3 of them were decent for hooking up with mature women. Why does that happen? Probably because the best sites are oldest ones and therefore the most trusted, so they have the largest user bases and their male to female ratio isn’t completely skewed toward dudes.

Cougar dating site scams

Now, we’re a crew of decent looking dudes who’ve had a lot of success with women over the years and we’ve also had really good success with online dating sites. So when we completely strike out with a site we don’t immediately think we’re doing something wrong or we lost our mojo. It’s also why we test the site with 6 of us and why we do it for over three months. Perhaps if we were striking out with every site online we’d have to take a good long look at ourselves in the mirror but there’s just no way we would ever get a ton of replies from women online and then have them not show up for any of the dates. That just isn’t happening.

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened with

Is CougarHangOut any Good

That depends entirely on what you consider good. If you consider “good” intermingling with fake profiles and women who never show up for their dates, then yeah, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by CougarHangOut. But if you’re looking to meet real mature women and hook up with them, then you’re going to be disappointed.

Is CougarHangOut Working?

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There are a lot of mature dating site more efficient than CougarHangOut. Click here to find out what are the 3 best cougar dating sites for young men.

Our team sent out over 250 emails to the various profiles on the site and we were pleasantly surprised when received 87 replies. Things went downhill from there. We set up 33 dates with women on the site but not one of them ever showed.

That is a serious problem and indicates to us that these were probably not real profiles. Now, don’t get me wrong, it occasionally does happen where a woman does not show up for a date, but we set up 33 dates with women on this site and literally none of them showed. It was a huge waste of our time and our money to sit there waiting for a woman who had no intention of ever showing. When we went back and tried to contact them again on the site, we didn’t receive any replies.

CougarHangOut scams are the reason we set up this site in the first place. There are over 80 dating sites on the internet for cougar and cub dating, and we found only 3 that provide a service that is actually worth paying for. CougarHangOut is not one of them.

Is CougarHangOut legit? We can’t be sure that they have any real intention of providing a legitimate dating service because we never met one woman in real life. If we had met just one woman we could say this site at least was trying to recruit a user base and was probably just new to the scene.

Cougar and cub dating is a niche sex dating site and so there is a limited (though large) demand for users. The users represent the market share and they tend to be fairly monogamous when it comes to paying for a dating service. This is one reason why newer services don’t have a good male to female ratio, because they have trouble recruiting or pulling members away from sites they’ve used for awhile. Instead of offering rewards or membership specials, they use deceptive marketing tactics in order to do that work for them. In this case it’s difficult to tell if CougarHangOut has any legitimate mature women on the site. If they do, we never met one. So it is with a high degree of certainty that we strongly do not recommend this site to anyone who is interested in cougar / cub dating. There are far better sites out there for that purpose.