About This Website: Cougar-dating-tactics.com

About Cougar Dating Tactics and Staff

We’re a group of six dudes who were interested in testing out all of the online cougar dating sites to see which ones were legit and which ones were frauds. We used prepaid cards and protected computers so as not to put ourselves in undue risk of being scammed or hacked and we made sure that there were no real credit card purchases or passwords in our browser history or saved anywhere on our computer. In other words, we took every precaution to prevent any sensitive information being leaked to identity thieves or the like.

In so doing, we discovered the hard way that the vast majority of these sites were scams operating ostensibly as dating services, with only a few legitimate dating sites among them. How does this happen? It’s easy. Hackers can dig into the source code of a legitimate site and then steal pictures and profile information from the site, or anywhere on the web really, and then set up a site that for all intents and purposes looks like a legitimate dating site, but is actually not at all what it appears to be.

Generally these sites will run up bogus services on your credit card, probably for porn, without ever giving you the service that you actually paid for. Such a technique is known as “white labeling” and it’s difficult to either prosecute or legislate against. The only recourse for most people is to eat the money they lost, and then alert others to the fact that the site is a scam. After the site has gotten a bad reputation, it will come down for a bit, and then pop up on the internet under a new name. This of course, throws off the search engines, because most people will of course search for the name of the site to check out for a scam. So it becomes very lucrative to create scam sites, because all you need for overhead is the URL name once you’ve actually created the site, most of which is stolen anyway.

With so many scams and so few legit sites, people who are actually interested in cougar and cub dating sites become demoralized at the prospect of paying for services, and the whole scene suffers, which is a real shame. That’s why we decided to create this page. We were sick of the scene suffering because unethical scammers decided they were going to target dating services in order to screw people out of their hard earned money. Our purpose here was to not only expose the unethical dating services, but to expose their tactics and in the process, teach you what to look out for when you’re purchasing membership to these services.

Another goal of this page is to talk about cougar and cub dating in general. Our team has a lot of experience in this area and we like talking about it, and we wanted to offer that advice to others who may interested in using the services or in cougar and cub dating in general. Our goal in the end is to ensure that cubs and cougars alike have the best experience possible using these services to seek one another out.

Look folks, we’re well aware that there are many good reasons to be cautious of paying for services over the internet. But we’re going to make the prospect of doing just that a safer one for all involved, so that the legitimate services for cougar and cub dating are not buried under a mountain of scams.