Cougar Dating Guide – Dating A Cougar At Work

cougar dating guideCougar Dating Guide

When it comes to local dating issues, many singles often wonder if dating at work is actually worth it. More specifically, a lot of single men wonder if they should try to have sex with the office cougar that they always make eye contact with at work. Dating at the office and dating cougars are both complicated topics on their own, and they become infinitely more complicated when combined. Ultimately, the answer ends up being a personal one — dating a cougar at work is only worth it if you believe it is worth it. We’ve outlined a few key guidelines to help you wrap your mind around the whole ordeal.

Casual sex search — dating at work

Perhaps you have had your fine with the online hookup websites, and are looking to take a break from the whole internet dating website game. If that’s the case, your casual sex search might have lead to you looking for a date at work. This is by all means a truly taboo topic, and public opinion is split down the middle when it comes to whether this sort of thing is right or wrong, or whether it is even worth it. While it is tempting to date a hot woman at work, it’s important to note that, if the experience turns sour at any point, you will find yourself in the awkward position of not being able to escape the presence of the woman you had sex with, since she will be waiting for you at the office every morning. Of course, you might still feel the urge to date someone at work, and your gaze might eventually fall on the notorious office cougar.

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Dating tip — beware the cougar

Our main dating tip here is to beware the cougar. Cougars are vastly fascinating, gorgeous creatures, whether we’re talking about the wild animal cougars, or the relatively domesticated human ones. Like their animal counterparts, a hot older cougar will eat you up alive and spit your bones out if you approach her without being mindful of who and what she is. Cougars have accumulated the life experience that has taught them that young bachelors don’t deserve any sort of benefit of the doubt. If a young suitor approaches the cougar, she will only indulge him if he is completely worthy of her attention. Of course, it takes a particular type of young man to be worthy of the attention of a cougar. If you consider yourself to be one of those men, then we salute you on your cougar hunt. If you’re not ready yet, then there’s no need to rush things. Take the time to prepare.

Cougar dating guide — bring your A-game

If you have decided that you would like to date someone at work, and are confident enough in yourself to approach the deadly office cougar, then you might have later found yourself on an actual date with that cougar. This is a huge step in itself, but definitely don’t be too quick to congratulate yourself just yet. You might have landed yourself on a date with the spicy cougar, but there is still the entire matter of charming her and impressing her throughout the date. Only men who bring their full A-game on a first date will net themselves wild sex with that cougar — any cougar dating guide will tell you the same thing. Young girls tend to have bubblegum thoughts that men can relatively navigate themselves around. However, in the mind of a cougar, all of that bubble gum has hardened to thick steel, and she has absolutely no time to waste on boredom or normalness. Really become your best self on your cougar date, and do your best to sweep the older woman off her feet.

Sex with an older woman — good luck

Again, even if you acquired a first date with a cougar and are doing well on that date, it is still not yet time to pat yourself on the back. First, you need to pass the ultimate challenge: having sex with an older woman. This might seem like a dream come true at first glance, but it is really the biggest challenge you will ever have in your life. Cougars have enormous sexual appetites that far outclass the libidos of young women. They require everything that a man has got in the bedroom, and they won’t settle for anything less. Really, there is no concrete instruction that we can give you when it comes to pleasing a cougar in bed. That is something for you to discover entirely on your own. However, what we can tell you is that if you succeed in making that kitten purr, you will emerge from that bedroom with the experience of a true sexual god.