CougarLure Reviews: Real Rating About Personal Experiences

Is CougarLure any good? is one of the many sites out there that claim to be a legitimate cougar and cub dating site. While some sites are outright scams, other sites are basically new to the internet dating scene on the web, and while these sites may not be outright trying to scam you out of your money, they don’t provide the service you were hoping they would provide either.

Some of these sites employ sock puppet employees who pose behind images of hot cougars in order to lure you into paying for the site. For an internet dating site, members are capital, and as often happens on these sites, the ratio of women to men is way out of balance. In order to make it worth their while they turn a blind eye to such practices as allowing cam girls and escorts to use their site to recruit clients, and we find this practice to be not in keeping with the spirit of internet dating. A good site will specifically outline in their terms of service that women looking to use the site for anything other than internet dating is against the rules and possibly against the law. That includes but is not limited to prostitution.

Cougar dating site scams

So a site like CougarLure may legitimately be trying to provide a legit cougar cub dating service, but in the end it falls short because there aren’t enough women on the site to keep it going. In our opinion, CougarLure scams the user by claiming there are tons of women on the site but a lot of the women are either cam girls or prostitutes. What sucks about that is that you don’t need to pay for an internet dating service in order find a cam girl or a prostitute, so in the end you’ve wasted your money.

Now, in all fairness, CougarLure reviews should mention the fact that we did find legitimate cougars to hook up with. So the question as to whether CougarLure is legit or not is a mixed bag.

Reviews of CougarLure

There are a lot of mature dating site more efficient than CougarLure. Click here to find out what are the 3 best cougar dating sites for young men.

Is a legit site for hooking up with cougars? Yes, it does provide that service. Is a good site for hooking up with mature women online? In our opinion, it wasn’t. Here are the stats:

We sent out over 250 emails. Of those emails we received 130 replies. Of those replies we were able to set up 86 dates. But we only actually had 9 dates. And we only closed the deal on 4 of them. That is a staggering drop off between the amount of women who said they wanted to meet up with us, and the amount of women who actually did meet up with us. And this may be accounted for by the sort of deceptive practices of newer or fledging dating sites using employees to interact with users in order to get them to pay for premium membership.

Now, we don’t know for certain that’s what happened, but the fact is that we did much better on other sites than we did on CougarLure, and that, in the end was the standard for determining whether or not the site was a scam or not.

Now, admittedly, our standards for determining the legitimacy of a site were rather high, but we’re not going to apologize for that. We’ve provided a resource here for folks like you get the most out dating sites on the internet and our standards should be high in this regard. We’re not going to let sites like CougarLure claim that they’re excellent dating services when there are better sites out there providing a much higher quality product.

While we did find sites like CougarLure to be the norm, in fact the vast majority (92%) were of similar quality, the fact remains that there are better sites out there with a much higher ratio of dates set up, to dates actually had.

A lot of sites want to inflate their user base by using sock puppet profiles with employees managing them and we assume that’s what happened here. Perhaps in the future CougarLure will be able to build their user base with legitimate women but for right now we rate CougarLure among the worst sites for mature dating on the internet.