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CougarLife reivews: Is CougarLife legit?

Is CougarLife working for us? In a word, yes. We dug the site a lot. A bunch of these other cougar and cub dating sites were basically filled with cam girl and sock puppet accounts that gave the impression that there were a lot of legitimate cougars on the site. But when we tried to meet up with the women, they stood us up, and then basically ghosted us.

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This happened more often than not and for the record, there were only a few sites where we were actually set up dates and meet up with women on the site at all. That’s a staggering and upsetting reality of sex dating on the internet. Most of these sites are basically scamming the users into paying for membership without any actual women on the site who are real. What’s really upsetting is that you get just as many replies from the users on these sites as you do on the legitimate ones, and even though they have no intention of actually meeting you, they will set up dates with you anyway, and then just not show up. You expect when you set up as many dates as we do there will be some no-shows but for every date to be a no-show is a telltale sign that there is something wrong.

Is CougarLife real?, in our estimation, offers a legitimate dating service for cougars and cubs to hook up. While the numbers on the site weren’t perfect, and we did run into some cam girls and fake profiles, we also hooked up with real women on this site, a lot.

By the numbers, we sent out 250 emails, which is what we did with every site we tested, and in response we got 138 replies. We were able to set up 78 dates with the women on the site and we met up with 68 of them. That’s a damn good ratio. We closed the deal with 59 cougars and they were all pretty hot.

Reviews of CougarLife

CougarLife rated #2 from our top 3 of best cougar dating sites. Visit to get a free trial now.

In other words, this site is the real deal. is a great site that boasts a slick, easy to use interface, that makes searching through the profiles fun and exciting. Is CougarLife any good? Hell yes! Our team of six dudes managed to meet up with 59 real women from the site. There were some women on the site who only responded to our messages in order to get us to pay for cam shows but for the most part, we had a really good time, and to be honest, cam girls and escorts are going to be on any site. It’s impossible to police every profile on the site and these women pay for membership just as much as anyone else, so sites are generally lax about removing them. But for the most part, we found that there were more than enough willing cougars on the site for us to enjoy and we really had a good time hooking up with them.

One of the things you should know about us though is that we all live in major cities where the population density is pretty huge. Even smaller cities where there are large suburban populations are great for internet dating, but it can definitely get difficult with the internet dating scene if you’re located in a remote area, unless you’re willing to travel a long ways.

Another thing you should know is that women are fairly monogamous when it comes to their dating sites. They generally frequent one or two sites on the internet and if cougars are interested in cougar and cub dating, then they’re only going to have one dating site for that. That’s why in large part the crappier sites out there for cougar and cub relationships are so barren when it comes to users. They’re all collected on three sites. Lucky for you, we found which three were the best for cougar dating, and which ones were scams. Unfortunately, the vast majority were scams, but was not one of them. We really liked this site.