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Playing The Dating Game There is a lot to be aware of when it comes to using online dating websites for casual sex or casual relationship dating. It can be a tricky world to navigate, especially if you are dealing with a breakup or just getting started with the online dating game. When people first […] Read more

Online Vs Blind Date Having Casual Sex With Strangers Many people shy away from online dating websites because they feel a little intimidated by meeting up with strangers to have casual sex. In the end, online dating is very much like having a one night stand. When you meet someone in a bar and end […] Read more

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Attract Nearby Singles Keeping Casual Sex Casual Keeping your casual sex casual is something that most people have to learn to do. Since feelings can easily arise when having sex with someone, it is wise to distance yourself from them until you want to hookup up. This means not texting them when you’re bored and […] Read more