Online Casual Sex Sites — Playing The Dating Game Right

dating gamePlaying The Dating Game

There is a lot to be aware of when it comes to using online dating websites for casual sex or casual relationship dating. It can be a tricky world to navigate, especially if you are dealing with a breakup or just getting started with the online dating game. When people first start out they usually don’t know how to write a strong profile, select the right kind of images, or know how to talk with people on the internet to keep casual relationship dating from getting more serious than casual sex. So this guide is intended to keep you in the dating game by recommending ways to optimize your profile for casual sex. A lot of online dating websites are geared towards helping you find a soulmate. That’s fine and good if you want that – but that’s not what this guide is about. There are tons of great online dating sites to meet cougars, for example, and how else would you be able to meet up with random cougars so easily like that? The dating game on the internet is wild and full of fun, so if you are dealing with a breakup then this casual relationship dating is the place to start mending your broken heart.

Casual Relationship Dating

The most important thing to consider is your description. Casual sex sites are geared towards linking people up based on their hobbies and interests, and they take this information from your description. So think wisely. Would you put down that you love video games and eating chips? What kind of woman would you link up with if you said that? Probably not a good idea. Instead, put that you like excitement and having fun going out, maybe even that you like to motorcycle on weekends. Since you are looking for casual sex, the actual content does not matter as much as making an impact. Think about what you would like to read most in a woman’s bio, and make a version up of yourself that is just over the top. No one is going to judge you – and especially woman, who love to make idealized versions of men up in their heads before meeting them.

If it’s cougars you are after, there are a lot of great online dating sites to meet older women just looking for casual sex. In fact, cougars are even less interested in who you actually are than what you make yourself out to be. A great place to start is Cougar life, which specializes in hooking up cougars with interested singles.

Fake cougar dating websites

Dating Game

It’s all about the images that you post. You want to get casual sex? Then make sure you don’t put anything simple. How do you wow a woman with your looks? The best thing to do is have a friend take some photographs of you that show off your style and good looks. Nothing too serious, just some photos of you looking your best. Another great idea to succeed in the online dating game is to use photos of anything kind of wild that you have done. Do you like rock-climbing? Or mountain biking? Or any sport at all? Any of these kinds of activities can look really good as profile images.

It’s also smart to have a lot of images and to change them up consistently. The best way to play the dating game is to keep things fresh at all times. Make it look like you are updating your life with as much of the awesome stuff you are doing as possible. If you are dealing with a breakup, then the best place to start is probably with online dating sites that specialize in hooking you up with cougars. The problem with some of these online dating sites however, especially when it comes to casual sex, is that they have some scam profiles. A good example of an online dating site that is not a good place to start is Cougar Lure, which is full of scam profiles.

So all in all, make sure you update your profile with sexy and alluring information about yourself – that’s the secret to succeeding in the online dating game. It’s pretty easy to get started, all you need is a credit card and the desire for casual sex. You’ll find that the people who put the least amount of information are usually the most exciting and sexiest, so you may as well follow suite and keep yourself mysterious. That way more people will be more curious.