5 Moral Tips On Playing The Online Dating Game Right

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Online dating can be confusing and challenging. It seems like there are so many unwritten rules that always pop up when trying to find free casual encounters. It is a constant negotiation between what to say and how to say it, or what to do and how to act. Questions like “How many hours should I wait before responding to a message?” or “How many dates can I set up in one week?” are common thoughts that most people who are looking for an online casual encounter have. It is easy for morality to become clouded, particularly when boundaries aren’t clearly established. No one wants to get caught cheating, but if you never said that your dating relationship was exclusive, is it really cheating? If you are looking for a place to start, check out these Good Dating Siteds for more info. There are many morales and values that can be unclear to those new to the online dating world, but this dating guide was written to help clarify some of these issues. Keeping these 5 dating tips in mind will help you play the online dating game the right way.

Always be Honest When Online Dating

The internet and the anonymity that it can provide usually spurs a whole bunch of people pretending to be something that they are not. A quick glance at the comment section on any article will show you that people become trolls when they think they can hide without being caught. However, this does not work for online dating. The whole point of online dating is to eventually meet someone in person, so if you keep telling everyone that you are 6 feet tall and totally ripped, they are going to be sorely disappointed if and when they meet you in person. Be honest, and try to find someone who will accept you for who you are.

Don’t Leave People Hanging

Sometimes with online dating, it can be easy to become buried in a pile of messages. You may go back and forth on a few of them, until you start to narrow in on one that has peaked your interest. This is all fine, but leaving people hanging after having a conversation can be hurtful. If you find yourself disinterested or moving on to a new conversation, just take a few seconds to say that unfortunately you are no longer interested in meeting or chatting any further. The person may be a little put off, but it will be much better for them than waiting and waiting for a response that will never come.

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Don’t Set Up Two Dates for the Same Night

If you are having success with your online dating, does not mean that you can abuse the power. Setting up two dates for the same night is just mean, particularly if you have the intention of canceling one and choosing the other whenever the time feels right for you. This denies the other person the chance to find a real date, or could leave someone sitting in a restaurant all by themselves as they await your arrival. If you are actually interested in seeing where the night could go with either person, then set things up for different nights, so that everyone has the fair chance to play the game.

Don’t Abuse Your Anonymity

Just because you are online, doesn’t mean that you can treat people like trash. Saying rude or hurtful things online can affect a person just as much as it can when it is said in person. Although you might feel brave and mighty behind your computer screen, your words and actions can still have a consequence. If you have ever been triggered by someone else’s annoying comment online, then you know that what you say does matter, even if you don’t feel any immediate personal connection with the person you are talking to.

Treat Others As You Would Want To Be Treated

Whenever you are in doubt about what is morally correct with online dating, simply consider how you would feel if someone was treating you the same way as you were acting. We all have different standards and values, but we all have the same emotions as well. If you do your best not to trample on other people’s feelings, then your actions will likely be morally justifiable. Relationships are a process of give and take, so be aware of what you are giving, and you will find that what you are taking is reflective of that. Particularly when it comes to love, it is impossible to always avoid hurting people’s feelings, but if you are honest and sincere, then you have done the best that you can.

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