5 Sex Tips To Give Her The Night Of Her Life

sex tipsNight Of Her Life

There are a lot of ways to impress a woman. Maybe you are trying to figure out how to get your girlfriend back. Or maybe you just met a cougar and you want to impress her with your style and skill. If you are looking for casual sex with cougars, I’ve had a lot of luck seducing cougars on MilfTastic.com. No matter how you meet a woman, it’s important to know how to impress her.

You could surprise her with a candle-lit bath, a nice home-cooked meal after a long day, or a weekend getaway to the countryside for just you and her. But the thing is, what do all these activities have in common? The answer is sex, and sex is the x-factor that will really make a woman really impressed with you. We have put together a list of 5 sex tips to give her the night of her life so that you can end the night with a bang. There are a lot positions for an orgasm that will probably help get your ex-girlfriend back. Or if you are into seducing cougars the you are in luck, because this list includes sex tips and sex tricks that will seduce any cougar.

Sex Tip #1

If you want to give her an amazing, pleasure-exploding orgasm that makes her shake for minutes, then keep it simple. A lot of people like the exhilaration of putting their bodies in strange and awkward positions while having sex. The thrill of the sex then becomes focusing on those weird positions, and not on giving pleasure. Trying to accomplish complicated positions is not the way to maximize pleasure. The best way to give pleasure is to stick with simple positions that you both know well, and tweaking them a little bit to make the sensations go wild. It’s all about focusing on the sensations of the act, not the position. Once the mind zones in on what you are feeling, you can begin to find a really great position for an orgasm.

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Sex Tip #2

For a great position for an organism we suggest starting with the missionary position. Sure, you might be thinking: “what kind of sex tip is this?” Well here it is: it’s all about positioning for penetration. The first tip is one that you should do for the woman, and she will definitely oblige. While lying on your back, place a pillow under her butt and bring her legs up and over her shoulders, as if you were folding in half. This gives a lot more access the you as the man, and on an angle that allows for much more penetration.

Sex Tip #3

This sex tip all about being lazy and chill. Lie on your side on the bed with, and let her put her legs over top of you like she is riding a horse. Then you have all the time and space to do what you want down there, and she will be loving every move you make. This is one of the best positions for an orgasm because the body is perfectly calm. If you want to seduce a cougar this is probably the best move to start with because it will show her that you are calm and confident and don’t need much to make her feel good. I’ve had a lot of success with seducing cougarsusing MilfTastic.com.

Sex Tip #4

If you are trying to get your ex-girlfriend back, and you happen to have her in the sack one night, then it’s probably best to give her a chance to dictate some of the pace. A great position for an orgasm for a women is to be on top. So just lie down on the bed and let her ride you in whatever way she wants. A nice position is if she sits facing you, but it works just as well if she sits on top facing away from you. Either way it makes her feel empowered and is a great sex trick to get your girlfriend back.

Sex Tip #5

One of the best sex tips for older ladies is to be selfish and lead the movements. Don’t sit back and presume she will do everything just because she is older. You gotta get in there and make every move as sensual as possible, because that’s the most effective way to get into a position for an orgasm. The best sex tip out there is to just let your body and mind move with the motions, so always try to stay in tune with what she is doing and what you want to do.