Tactics to impress older women

First Date Ideas Good Cougar Date Ideas Dating older women isn’t that much different from dating younger women. You don’t want to think about tailoring the date to someone who is in their 40s or something. For instance, you would not want to suggest swing dancing or seeing a movie in black and white simply […] Read more

How not to come off as creepy in your profile Using online dating to cope with a break up When asked, the thing that hurts most people the most after a breakup is the loss of intimacy. The partner they lost is secondary to the relationship they shared with them, so many people immediately take […] Read more

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Find Casual Sex Online Improve your sex life A lot of folks coming of a tough break up are taking to sex dating in order to get themselves back in the game again. Why? Because casual dating makes dating fun again and that’s exactly what they’re looking for. If you’re a dude, you’re not alone. […] Read more

How to make casual friends with benefits How to Make Casual Friends Online Coming up with a solid icebreaker Casual sex dating isn’t like meeting women on a normal vanilla dating site. Some of the same rules do apply, however. One thing you’re going to want to avoid however is talking about your hopes and […] Read more

Cougar and cub dating: How to introduce her Introducing your cougar to friends and family So, I had met an older woman on one of those free casual dating sites. She saw my profile and started chatting me up. At first I wasn’t really sure what to do. She was definitely attractive looking, going by […] Read more

Online Vs Blind Date Having Casual Sex With Strangers Many people shy away from online dating websites because they feel a little intimidated by meeting up with strangers to have casual sex. In the end, online dating is very much like having a one night stand. When you meet someone in a bar and end […] Read more

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Hot Women Hook Up How To Hookup With Hot Women If you want to hookup with hot women, then you have to be ready to play yourself up. Hot women usually tend to gravitate towards hot men, and if you don’t look the part you might end up feeling a little disappointed. If you’re an […] Read more